Job Openings » Unit Head – Customer Service

Unit Head – Customer Service

by Kaduna State Residents Identity Management Agency

Unit Head – Customer Service

Job Description


Responsible for the promotion of excellent customer experience throughout the organization. They are responsible monitoring and quality improvement of all touch points in the Agency.


  • Take ownership of customer issues and follow problems through to resolution.
  • Develop service procedures, policies, and standards.
  • Keep accurate records and document customer service actions and discussions.
  • Recruit, mentor and develop customer service agents and nurture an environment where they can excel through encouragement and empowerment.
  • Marketing and citizens engagement.
  • Resolve complaints from residents.
  • Maintain an orderly workflow according to priorities.


Remuneration is subject to prevailing compensation for Kaduna State Civil Servants for Grade Levels 12-14 depending on the successful candidates’ qualifications and years of experience.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any social science related discipline.
    Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a similar role, or 7 years’ experience in a similar role in addition to a master’s degree in any social science related discipline.
  • Working knowledge of relevant customer service software, databases and tools.
  • Strong client-facing communication skills.
  • Advanced multi-tasking and team management skills.
  • A service delivery orientation.
  • Familiar with the use of CRM