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Trade And Policy Officer


Trade And Policy Officer

Job Description

* Supports implementation of laws.
* Supports the research and report on creating an attractive and competitive business climate that will lead to robust economic activities in the State.
* Advises and assists in the establishment of policy frameworks for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the State's strategic economic investment programmes and projects for effective implementation.
* Provides recommendations for trade policies and investment activities that will attract improved economic activities in different sectors.
* Supports the development of a framework for identifying and pro-actively engaging the Federal Government and its agencies in the investment promotion drive of KADIPA.
* Articulates clear growth and development strategies for providing needed support and appropriate incentives to grow the local private sector and enlarge the economic base of the State in line with the priorities of the State.
* Assists in the strengthening of systems in collaboration with other MDAs Assists the agency in implementation of trade and transport facilitation initiatives.
* Assists in strengthening coordination and dialogue with public and private stakeholders.

Job Requirement

* Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics.
* 2-3 years relevant experience.